Guided tour in Nantes

A journey through the city of the Dukes

Visit Nantes,
with a tour guide

Explore Nantes on a guided tour and experience the highlights of this historic city of Brittany. Discover majestic heritage and secrets in the city’s heart. Walk through picturesque streets and listen to your guide’s captivating stories. Uncover the hidden history of each facade and street.

Imagine walking through historic sites where generations have shaped Nantes. Visit Nantes and see it like an Impressionist painting, full of color and life. See the majestic Château des Ducs de Bretagne, a silent witness to Brittany’s past. Experience the Gothic architecture of the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul.

Guided tour of Nantes

The tour peaks in the Passage Pommeraye district. Here, elegant architecture meets sophisticated boutiques, creating a unique atmosphere. This guided tour in Nantes is more than sightseeing; it’s a journey through time. Mix tradition and modernity in this vibrant Brittany city.

In Nantes, the birthplace of the visionary author Jules Verne, experience a blend of literary heritage and innovative artistry. This Brittany city celebrates Verne’s imaginative legacy, evident in landmarks and attractions throughout. A must-visit is the Isle of Machines, where the fusion of fantasy and engineering comes to life in spectacular mechanical creations like the grand mechanical elephant. This unique blend of Verne’s visionary spirit and the city’s artistic innovations makes your visit to Nantes a truly unforgettable chapter in your Brittany journey.

Visit Nantes with a tour guide

Let the tour guide lead you, open your senses, and dive into Nantes' fascinating history. Make this tour a memorable part of your Brittany visit.

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My recommendations in Nantes

La Cigale – brasserie art nouveau
Maison Grimaud – chocolate shop
Le Lieu Unique – cultural center
Le Marché de Talensac – market
La Cantine du Voyage – world cuisine
Le Hangar à Bananes – relaxed atmosphere

Must-See in Nantes

Castle of the Dukes of Brittany
Les machines de l’île
The island of Versailles and the Japanese garden
Passage Pommeraye
Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
Bouffay district
The Nest – Tour de Bretagne
Craftsmen’s quarter
Nantes Museum of Arts